Previously, CHAOS LOL has performed in Manchester Cathedral with Brighter Sound, as well as on the Push:Music course; has remixed MCR-group Diving Station’s “Turn Off” to cultural acclaim; and also manages experimental community record label, You Might Not Like This. The human behind the music is excited for the convergence of minds making up this festival, and hopes to network with many fellow performers and artists in order to develop future collaborations, bring new talent on board the YMNLT record label, and communicate with each other in order to motivate and facilitate personal growth and development.

CHAOS LOL - ''999'' ''Twinkle Twerk'', ''Ice Cube''

CHAOS LOL's music is difficult to define at the best of times; perhaps something like Liquid-Tech-Metal-Jungle-Footwork-Gabba-Jazz-Core might come close. Expect polyrhythmic beats, complex arrangements, frantic pacing, and rave-ready bass, with improvised Opera vocals processed through guitar pedals floating over the top, and elements of performance art stitching the whole experience together.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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