Beth Wise

Beth Wise is a Fine Art student who is inspired by the library and concrete poetry. Her work uses a variety of different materials to create sculptural objects. Beth works as an intern and curatorial assistant for the contemporary art gallery, Hanover Project. She had a month long solo show at the UCLan Library in Preston called ‘So Many Ideas’. The work was produced in response to annotations left in the margins of books by students that alter the way the book reads for future audiences. She recently created a series of sculptures with concrete and knitting that resemble poetry.

Seven Legs and Counting

For the duration of my degree I have been inspired and intrigued by concrete poetry. These two sculptures were made in response to this style of artwork, drawing upon the idea that I could make a poem without words. My work looks at the limits and boundaries of materials and objects, pushing and altering the thoughts we have about their functionality. By embedding knitting into concrete I was able to combine two separate things and create one piece of work that is both soft and solid. The work is precarious and could easily be knocked over, only supported by seven thin wooden dowel legs. The fragility of the work, despite it being made from concrete, is something that I want my work to exude. Whether the sculptures will remain standing for the entirety of the show is something that only adds to their precarious nature.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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