Balbina Bochuzynska

Balbina Bochuzynska is a London based filmmaker, animation and illustration artist. Her work encompasses themes of loneliness, depression and femininity. Her main focus is exploring the search for 'a true self' within modern society. Her work exhibits a unique, crooked style of one-line drawings. Originally from Torun, Poland, Balbina is currently studying Film at University of Westminster.

Am I Human Am I Dog

I left home and landed in a city as a dog with a human face. The dogs wouldn't have me and the humans wouldn't have me, so I had to choose and pretend I'm one, not the other, and I chose to be a human woman. But how human can you be when you walk on four legs? 'Am I Human Am I Dog' is a personal synthesis of my inner battles that came upon the clash of my small town reality with the big city and its expectations.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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