Ant Lightfoot

Ant Lightfoot is an artist and performer based in Bristol. He uses comedy, text, the body and strong autobiography to address courageous & taboo subjects. Ant is interested in using humour to discuss difficult, unspoken topics and immerse an audience into endearing & often uncomfortable spaces. Ant graduated from The University of Worcester in Fine Art & Drama in 2014.

Currently Untitled

Ant's latest show is a comedic look into the mind of an OCD & depression sufferer. It's a show about failure, messing things up and how it feels to be a 20-something artist with an increasingly intrusive and overbearing mental illness. It's endearing, funny but never shy. Combining elements of stand-up comedy, live art and movement, this piece aims to celebrate the discussion of mental health in a light-hearted but touching manner. It's funny though, promise.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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