Anna Manfield

Anna Manfield creates objects that are playful and minimal in design. There are multiple outcomes for each piece allowing them to be used, displayed and arranged in different ways. Celebrating design-products as works of art in their own right, Anna makes pieces that are aesthetically interesting and thought provoking, that people can picture in their own environment. In the interest of encouraging playfulness in every-day life each object is designed to be fun and whimsical, to make people smile. Anna likes to challenge the way we display objects, introducing adaptable shelving arrangements and unconventional vehicles for display.


A collection of sculptural objects that takes inspiration from primary learning aids like building blocks. Individual modules varying in shape, size and colour can be displayed and arranged to form different structures. Minimal forms are derived from early educational principles such as the use of primary colours and the reference of the Circle, Square and Triangle. The collection utilises both traditional and contemporary craft processes including wood turning and mould making/casting.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

15.06.18 - Anna Manfield Design - Jesmonite 6.jpg
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