Anna Costanza Tassotto Verdi

Anna Costanza Tassotto Verdi is born in Milan in 1985. After different experiences in writing (collective writing, poetry) actually she is working on her first novel. In 2015 she has been choosen as author for Mediterranea17, withe her short tale “Seeds”. She thinks that these are cruel times, but they shine as well, with an intense light of revolution. And, she’s sure, the best is yet to come..

a) The village perched on the gravine – b) Some relaxing moment (From the writing contest:
Tuttotrama – Voci di libere scritture) c) Star of the North Cafe – A night in Trieste during the Second World War

a) It is an authobiografic short tale, concerning my childhood in Umbria, when my parents left each other.
b) This script has been choosen in a contest of collective theatral writing (Tuttotrama, Voci di libere scritture), and it is an example of pulp – hard boiled narrative; it shows a very fast discussion between Alex
an Oscar, two gangster invited from a great boss of a stranger country to talk about business. (Excerpt)
c) This is one of my favourite poems; it smells of soldiers’s tobaccos, red wine and of a best life desire wich is typical of war era, and means struggling on normal life memories. It’s titled as an anciente cafè in Trieste, still existing is.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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