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Alasdair Ambrose is a multi-media artist who actively uses the self as a vessel for art making. Alasdair has developed a series of performative works which utilise the ritual of shaving in protest against social trauma. Alasdair’s physical involvement in the work reflects the impact that collective injustices also have in the individual. The work offers to take you out of the realms of reality, with immersive sensory environments.

Alasdair has recently exhibited at We Are Kuntz Gallery, working alongside performance artist Vagina Dentata Organ; the artist has also participated in groups shows at Backlit Gallery, Nottingham Contemporary and Primary.

Altercation: 07130219

Live Art / Performance

Alasdair Ambrose - Altercation: 07130219

Alt: 07130219 is part of a series of durational performances titled Altercation. Alt: 07130219 will look to the process of shaving, as a form of visual protest and ritual. In South Korea, head shaving is a common form of protest towards governmental disagreements. Whilst in November 2014 Derby born extremist Kabir Ahmed removed his body hair as a ritual of purification before taking his life and eight others in the Iraqi town of Baiji.

Alt: 07130219 will show the naked artist remove the hair from his body, whilst projected videoscapes saturate the environment with layers of information. This creates an intensified environment of a bombastic sensory experience. Expect sincere, raw and confrontational performance, not for the faint hearted!



UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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