A Pig's Ear

Choreographers Tate n Lyle (Rohanne Udall and Paul Hughes) and sound artist Fionn Duffy met while undertaking the Interdisciplinary Residency at Hospitalfield Arts, Arbroath in Winter 2016.

Their collaboration is fuelled by a mutual interested in one another’s playful and experimental approaches to medium, discipline and form. Alongside a small research commission from Dance in the Radio, Fionn and Tate n Lyle have been awarded a residency together at Siobhan Davies Dance in London for July 2018, in order to experiment with the relationships between choreography and sound art.

Fionn lives in Glasgow, Rohanne in London, and Paul in Nottingham.

We will present a sound installation that explores relations between the body, sound and gesture; the possibilities and limits of sound as a material; and the sculptural qualities of audio equipment and it’s installation.

As in our previous work ‘~’, in which three voices sing along to an album of popular music as they hear it for the first time, visitors to this installation will quickly recognize playful constraints that performers must follow. With an intermingling of glee, strain and awkwardness, performers’ mouths and voices contort and adapt in their attempts to play the game.

The body and voice are exposed in childish play. These sound-works foreground: the body, texture, speech, the materiality of the mouth and lungs, the in/tangibility of sound and technology, sound and space, intimacy, slapstick, mimicry, the sound of laughter, anticipation, hosting, meandering and uncertainty.While the documentation attached as part of this application represents existing work by Fionn Duffy and Tate n Lyle, their residency together will develop this research and produce new works. We hope the documentation gives you an idea of the interests of our work; we have answered the below questions with as much detail and knowledge we have so far in our creative process.

The work can be installed in either traditional or temporary exhibition spaces; what’s most important is that it is a relatively quiet room or studio rather than a thoroughfare or foyer.


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

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