Olivier Marc Thomas Leger

Olivier Marc Thomas Leger is a Leicestershire based Artist who makes drawings of fantastic creatures and animals fabricated into worlds with thriving ecosystems and habitats. There is an overwhelming organic feel to the drawings that pervade a feeling of living harmony, perhaps indicative of a natural utopia. The drawings are produced with fine tip pens ranging from 0.03mm to 0.1mm, and create an image of such intense details they convey an almost unlimited degree of visual exploration and discovery. Olivier Marc Thomas Leger has discovered increasing success in London Art Fairs and has been awarded the Attenborough Prize 2014.



Fun Facts! Did you know; There are seven different species of Sea Turtles with some species weighing up to 1000 pounds? (That’s almost 500Kg). Amazingly, Sea Turtles have existed on this planet for more than 100 billion years. That means they survived the dinosaur extinction! Though they are wonderful animals, and evidently more badass than dinosaurs, they are still fragile. Six of the seven species of Sea Turtle have come under threat of becoming endangered or extinct as a direct result of human activity and proliferation.


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

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