Matt Greenwood

Matt is currently attending a Bachelor of Arts Degree at Falmouth University in the UK, studying Photography. His practice enables him to explore the formal and spatial qualities of the photograph, whilst also considering the photograph as an object; a flat surface that could be manipulated and altered. By abstracting the forms within his photography, Matt is able to make objects appear new and unfamiliar; utilizing the potential for the camera to transform an object into a piece of art and to ask whether an object needs to loose all aspects of functionality for it to be considered an artwork?


‘Accumulation’ explores how we approach mundane and domestic items that we may overlook in our everyday environments, bringing their forms to our attention. In turn, allowing the viewer to question the original function and purpose of the objects, as I allow the photograph to instigate our initial perceptions of the item.

My imagery becomes a document, acting as a reflection to reality; are these objects still functional, or in allowing these artefacts to become art must they lose all function of their previous use? Therefore when an object moves from its intended location of the domestic space and into the confines of the studio, it allows the items to become deconstructed for re assessment by the viewing audience.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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