Maria Abbott

Maria Abbott is a Welsh artist currently studying Fine Art at Newcastle University.

Maria has shown her video art in film festivals including Beacons Festival in Skipton, Whitley Bay Film Festival, Northern Stage Newcastle Arts and Music Festival in Newcastle and CAAPO Public Art Project ‘Formal Interference’ in Florence, Italy. Maria has also exhibited at System Gallery in Newcastle, Sanctuary Artspace in Gateshead and as part of the North East Student Art Prize in Sunderland. Maria was a guest student in Maik and Dirk Lubbert Class at Monster Art Academy, and whilst there she collaborated with Aernout Mik Class in a 12 hour performance at Pumpenhaus Theatre in Monster, Germany. During 2013 she collaborated with fellow art students at Newcastle University, and co-organised 4’33’’ Silent Film Festival, which over the course of four days, in four popular City venues, screened video art from national and international artists.


"and we'll be back after a short commercial break, so stay tuned"

'Stay tuned' sets out to critique modern TV commercials that manipulate female insecurities, and enforce the Western World’s unobtainable vision of beauty, in an attempt to sell products to women. ‘Stay tuned’ comprises of four, fake commercials that advertise a beauty product, custom made by the artist, which promises to enhance a woman’s life. The bizarre products being promoted include a sinister spin on the modern corset to control the waist, and a drink holding belt which is used to attract male interest in social situations. The restricting objects are shown using the hypnotic editing style of mainstream commercials with their close up perfection, repeated statements and glistening potential. This has an ominous and thought-provoking effect on the viewer.


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

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