Madeline Shann

Madeline Shann is a theatre maker, choreographer and performer. Originally from Sheffield, she studied drama at Exeter University where she discovered a love of dance and choreography. She went on to study dance in Bristol and physical theatre at Royal Holloway with Jasmin Vardimon Company.

Madeline makes her own live work and film, mixing different disciplines such as theatre, music, live art and various dance styles including contemporary, breakdance, and European folk. She also collaborates with other artists and companies across the country. The core of her creative approach is to experiment; to surprise and be surprised.


Little Terrors is a look at our unpredictable world through the eyes of someone who is afraid of pretty much everything. From clowns to climate change, rollercoasters to robot uprising, Madeline Shann takes us in disquieting detail through her deepest, darkest fears in search of some kind of bravery.

A dance theatre lecture, Little Terrors uses movement, storytelling, experimental sound design and any other means necessary to explain why life is terrifying.

This show is a darkly funny, poignant and ultimately hopeful look at our relationship with our fears, and how the cowardly can hope to find courage.


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

PerformanceOliver WoodM