Leyla Mojtahedi

Leyla Mojtahedi’s practice is a division between moving image and installation. Her mixed ethnicity is the inspiration for her chosen subject of work, focusing on the intertwined understanding and analysis of both Iranian and British cultures. As a British Iranian individual, there is a mass of difference in-between and the perspective viewed upon on both societies. The void is filled by not belonging to either, therefore she sees herself as two instead of one.



Shanbeh consists a series of stop motion animations; constructing absurd yet humorous scenes. As the starting point of her practice, Mojtahedi has used autobiographical photographs of her family that live in Iran as characters within her creation and portrayal of a Persian lifestyle. All work is handmade, which consists of cutting, collaging and manipulation of the images, alongside synchronised witty music and visual narrative to display her impression for each character. The aim is to underline the interpretation Western countries have of Middle Eastern culture, yet the primary goal for Mojtahedi's installations are to surround the viewer in an Iranian atmosphere.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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