Leonie Brandner

Leonie Brandner is a Swiss artist currently living and studying in London. Her practice evolves around questions of identity, singularity and multiplicity, solitude, fluidity, continuity and disruption, connection, separation and the on-going change through interaction. Her sublime, minimal work has an air of invisibility or emptiness, which is reflected in the way she chooses to use material, colour and space in her mostly sculptural practice.

In the past she has been working with materials from fabric, clay, wax, to wood, video, drawing, photography to writing creating sensual, tactile installations.


The work elaborates a field of subtle changes within similarities, bodily memory in a minimalist object, affiliation through separation, security within uncertainty and on-going continuity. Each and every single ceramic piece is individually made and moulded in the palms of the hand, giving them their tactile, organic form.

The whole installation evolves around a constantly disrupted, pseudo security, which is to be found in the way the pieces are arranged in a straight line that suddenly ends in an angle, in the way the objects appear to be the same and then show subtle difference and in the way the tactile, organic form contrast the cold, shiny, white surface of the pieces.


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

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