Katherine Hall

Katherine Hall is an interdisciplinary dance artist working in the East Midlands and South West, UK.

Within choreographic and social environments, Katherine is particularly concerned with the fragility of time and interrelationships, seeking to present situations that offer up different modes and forms of being and acting together. Her choreographic work aims to capture unsustainable and unfinished moments of human experience and to consider the on-going nature of life's oddities, know-hows and intimacies through performance. She explores the re-imagining or unfolding of relational moments through a blurring of performance disciplines involving movement, voice, improvisation, writing and score-making.


Fill in the _____ is a troubling yet ordinary lecture of nonsense, playing on the oddities of managing time and the fragility of relationships. Through chaotic text, task-based episodes and songs of intimate contemplation, interruption and sheer pointlessness, the author speaks of coming, going and shifting through in-between moments; hoping to find a sense of what makes one tick.

Come and waste time with me in a warm, intimate and wry lecture. Here we will reflect on personal life and significant others to explore how different perceptions of time may influence our daily actions.


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

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