Kate Boccaccini Meadows

After graduating from Bath School of Art and Design with a First Class Honours in Ceramics, Katie Boccaccini moved to London where she spent 5 years working as a textile & print designer. She has recently relocated to Sheffield to start a private studio, returning to ceramics and expanding on her print and textiles practice. In 2010 Katie won the BDC New Designer of the year Runner-Up award.


ÔShort Films of Ceramic ProcessesÕ in an un-conventional ceramic study, showing the beauty of the processes or by-products of the ceramic process rather than the final object. The artist uses ceramic faux pas such as adding water to unfired clay, disturbing ceramic dust (which is toxic and attributed to much of the ill health suffered by potters during the industrial revolution) or making quick lime by firing limestone in the kiln. These observations focus the audience on material reactions and interactions so widely known in ceramics but rarely acknowledged.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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