Joss Williams

Joss Williams is a recent graduate of the BA (Hons) photography course at Brighton University. Prior to this he completed a two year national diploma in photography at City of Bath College. His interest is in conceptual photography and his work focuses on the representations of time and memory through visual art. He has taken part in a number of group shows in Bath, Brighton and London.


This photography project is an archaeological consideration of time and place, and an exploration of theories of spacetime physics and memory. By using found objects to create sculptures, the work considers a place as being similar to a black hole: a dense depository of objects in which imagery, signs and traces are isolated in space. From these, the mind can construct narratives of reality and history, building a universe within which we then place ourselves. Found objects and photographs are a starting point for these constructions, leading the mind out to other positions in space and time.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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