Joe Snape

Joe Snape (b. 1989) uses odd instruments, found objects and electricity to make unusual musical performances. He has presented his work at festivals and venues including Melkweg (Amsterdam), ACUD Theater (Berlin), Supersonic (Birmingham), CafŽ Oto (London), CMMAS (Morelia), Wonder Site (Tokyo), and The Kitchen (New York City). Joe studied music at Cambridge, Oxford, and the Royal Conservatory of The Netherlands, spent time at University of California Berkeley, and will soon take up a PhD fellowship at New York University. Since 2010, he has been stockpiling Chinese light bulbs and burning his fingers with a soldering iron.


LŠrmlicht #5 happens in the dark. Set against their own amplified sounds and accompanied by a warped ensemble of celesta and vibraphone, six incandescent light bulbs flicker and bloom into life. With each flash painstakingly programmed on a machine built from scratch, materials are arranged, cued and manipulated in live performance: the seen and the heard strain against each other to fuse in a single audiovisual event. Sharp impulses, electrical bursts, afterimages and delay lines fold into one another, brutal and reflective by turns.

The work was first performed in spring 2014 at CafŽ Oto and The Kitchen.


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

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