Jess Littlewood

Jess Littlewood’s practice explores what it is to be a human being. Creating landscapes that act as testing grounds to explore the nature of humanity. These landscapes play host to discoveries about ourselves both good and bad, an amphi theatre of human experience. The sublimity of the natural landscape renders the human objects within it  trivial and transitory, highlighting our fragile and temporary existence and exposing our weaknesses.


This series of works are digital prints on silk, and are presented as hangings. Although they are individually titled I have come to refer to works in this format as ‘Fail Maps’. Each piece explores what I see as a human flaw, such as our inability to come to terms with our past and protect our future or to live in peace with one another. The pieces in contrast to their themes appear bright and almost celebratory, it is only when the viewer gets closer to the work that they realise there is something more sinister being referenced.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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