Jennifer Ross


Popular culture is characterised by paranoia; some system or organization controlling our moves. We crave to break free of the constraints of life and to be a free individual. But what, and how is shaping our existence? Are we able to escape it? Lacan proposed that ‘language does not reflect reality but rather one produces one’s experience within the constraints of the given language system’. Thus brings me to question how do we navigate the world of language? Are we free to create our own narratives of life, or are we limited in our experience of the world by the discourses we live through? Consequently what implications does this have in terms of self-determination? I seek to explore our boundaries of freedom and limitation by picking away at the threads that inform our lives. Manipulating appropriated materials I weave together sequences and narratives to explore the linguistic formations of self. By recoding found footage I aim to challenge a belief in a core true self; whether or not one exists. Through my work I hope to make my audience contemplate what they believe, moreover why they choose to believe. (N.B video quality is reduced to 40%, original un-pixelated)


National Biennale: Derby 2010

Visual ArtsOliver WoodJ1