Jamal Sterrett

Jamal is a self taught dancer from a small area of Nottingham called St Ann’s. Typically labeled as an area of hard work, low pay and high crime rates St Ann’s is actually a place of highly talented people that resides within the heart of its community. Jamal got to know people from all parts of St Ann’s through his father’s place of work: community recording studio. which is the heart of the area for all artists. It’s people’s stories that inspire his art form, and the emotional rawness of its people that makes his art so heartfelt.


Flexing forever is a dance piece that aims to transmute the stories of the people in my community to then exude this energy through my body in the form of dance. Using the raw theatrical nature of flex dance and the storytelling of stop motion this piece will take you on a journey of uplifting feelings. Whether it's floating along a floor or contorting my body, every movement projects stories. Flexing gives you a sweet taste of bliss and a brief encounter of what’s beyond the physical body. It tests what you think you know about reality and expands your imagination on what’s possible.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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