Ida Asadi

There are a range of symbols in Ida's works; this is important. They collect fragments of symbols and pieces of history from different cultures, from art and from literature. Traditional mythology and folklore, fairy-tales, these all simultaneously influence and are Asadi's works.

The fictions are used to create worlds that can at once seem childlike or naïve, adult and disturbing, Containing verses from the past and objects of the modern world.

Asadi is obsessed with the natural world and attempts to understand it fully, whether it be current ecological issues or ancient ideas on paradisiacal gardens.


Series of watercolour and gouache paintings, created with cutting and stencilling.
These are a series of works that are using the human and fruit as symbols for a larger discussion on our attitude towards our natural world, and our destruction of it. however, I like to show things from a positive and humorous angel, and present works that can seem naïve or innocent; provoking feelings of sympathy or warmth.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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