Helena Hunter

Helena Hunter is a UK artist living and working in London. Hunter’s practice spans performance, visual art, literature, photography and film. Her work addresses complex cultural issues relating to the politics of the body, the construction of gender, and the formation of desire. Hunter utilises the human form, movement, and writing to consider the body as text, site and sculptural tool. Hunter’s work has toured throughout the UK and Europe and she has delivered lectures, artist talks, and workshops nationally and internationally.


dis-locate is a live performance that celebrates the transitory, the ever shifting, and explores the idea of dis-location as an empowered and disruptive state. Helena Hunter presents a glorious disincarnation through a series of charged interactions between the body, light, sound and materials. dis-locate questions the limits of fixity and considers ‘in-between’ as a positive condition that flows rather than defines, opens rather than restricts. The performance explores a process of disintegration and confronts the impossibility of making a journey while remaining whole. dis-locate was developed during Helena Hunter’s residency at Queen Mary, University of London and was supported by Arts Council England. The performance premiered at Chelsea Theatre as part of the Sacred Season 2009 and was produced by Natasha Davis with original sound by Mark Peter Wright, Sonic Arts, British Composer of The Year.



National Biennale: Derby 2010