Gesamtatelier is a newly-created platform by/for young practitioners from several creative fields who collaborate towards the conception and realization of interdisciplinary projects. The team aims to push the boundaries of several domains, mediums and genres: performance art, dance, design, sound composition, curating, architecture and the visual arts. The members of the ensemble met each other during their studies and have a diverse educational and cultural background. Gesamtatelier aims to keep an open, dynamic structure which adapts to the nature of each project: performances, exhibitions, installations, publications etc. The creators involved for every scheme intertwine a variety of theoretical and practical skills.

Xyz/S Extended

“XYZ/s extended" is a multimedia, interactive performance/installation which challenges the relationships among performers, visitors, objects, space and our senses. It draws inspiration from some of the most prominent theories of physics and philosophy, creating an interplay of the four dimensions (point, line, plane and time). The visitors are encouraged to explore three different spaces and find themselves in various roles and situations. Each space has its own immersive environment for people to experience and interact with. The project was initially created in collaboration with the Architectural Association Interprofessional Studio within the context of the MA/MFA in Spatial Performance and Design.

Ukya Projects:

National Biennale: Derby 2016

Oliver WoodG