Gemma Coyle

The perturbing, breathtaking and absurd world around us, as well as the living forms on it is the substance that feeds my imagination. I am constantly commenting and trying to solve relevant issues within my works, either in day to day life or more serious global problems. I believe that humour is one human reaction that is capable of connecting everyone, it echoes a natural human response to issues of difficulty, i.e. – “you have to laugh…”, and through the serious and highly crafted nature of my constructions it often resonates with elements which are very dark and present in our lives.

I think that art now is the ability to show and tell in a contemporary way what it means to be alive today. It can sensitise us to something in the world, clarify our perceptions and make us aware of decisions we have made.


The Foresight Future Flooding report asks ‘How will climate change affect us in 30 to 100 years time? How much will flooding increase? And how should we prepare?’ Now you can rest easy as I have the answers with my Mobile Abode’s. Using high waste material, Ballpoint pens, I propose to recreate all of the unique architecture that are in the potential flood danger zones on wheels so that whole towns, cities etc. can Flee the floods but keep their identity. The Buildings will be horse drawn to help future environmental problems. Chrysler Horse Drawn is a small scale model of the potential structure.


National Biennale: Derby 2010

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