Fran Copeman

George Simmel’s examination into the scope for the maintenance of independence and individuality against the sovereign powers of society has been fundamental to the development of the images. In my work I restrict the human form to allude to the tensions of city-life. Although the city does not explicitly feature in my work, I have created images that comment on the relationship that one has with the city. Through visual metaphor my work attempts to express the struggle between individuality and the physical and mental compartments we are necessarily constricted to in order to function within larger society.


These drawings are part of a larger, ongoing project concerned with an individual trying to express themselves in a big and busy environment. I want to allude to the tensions of city life in the figure; however, the actual environment is not featured in any way because I want to focus on the expression of the feeling you get when your voice is not heard. Most of the work I do involves figures that have been restricted or disfigured in someway so as to act as a metaphor to show how extremely powerful our external environment can be.


National Biennale: Derby 2010

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