Fionnuala Mottishaw

The Edinburgh Displacement Museum is an innovative institution embracing the inherently complicated visual history of our world, which does not in fact fit into neat timelines. More often than not these lines are traversed innumerable times during the creation of even a single object. Thus the museum was created as a space to house and give voice to those narratives, which exist outside of these limiting restrictions.

Keeper of the Museum Collections, Fionnuala Mottishaw

Selection Of Artefacts From The Edinburgh Displacement Museum

These objects, chosen by the Edinburgh Displacement Museum, are exuberantly coloured and illustrated, giving some impression of the wealth of influences visually and culturally which have fed into them. They are clearly the result of a richly interconnected world. Although their exact purpose is unknown, we can get some glimpse of this by looking at the process by which they were made. Such analysis has led us at the EDM to conclude that these were “ceremonial objects”. In fact the ceremony would begin from the moment the craftsperson picked up their tools.

Ukya Projects:

National Biennale: Derby 2016

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