Farniyaz Zaker

Dr Farniyaz Zaker is an Iranian-born artist. She currently lives and works between St Petersburg-Russia, Tehran-Iran and London-UK. Her works have been internationally exhibited since 2002. Located between architectural theory and gender studies her art practice and writing largely deal with the nexus of body, society, and place.


Scholars like Karimi (2003) interpret the veil as a secondary space or as a habitat enveloping the women’s body in the public sphere. As such the veil extents the private- into the public space, because under its cover women stay in a secluded space which is closely linked to the notion of home. In Bachelard’s(1969) words home as an inhabited space ‘transcends geometrical space.’ Similarly, the home in contemporary feminist and postcolonial literature is conceptualised in broader spatial terms. Notions of home as an ‘unreal’ and imagined space are applicable for the veil as well. This work analyse the veil’s capacity to segregate space into public and private.



National Biennale: WEYA 2012

MusicOliver WoodF