Emma Walker

This project looks at the concepts surrounding mans relationship with the natural world with specific importance put on the work of C. A. Meier and the idea of the macrocosm and microcosm, that the Earth is like a big man, therefore man must be like a small Earth. The aim of the project is to re-engage an audience with the beauty and importance of our quickly disappearing natural world through the use of photography.

Each individual flower is assembled from the parts of other flowers and crudely formed together with glue. The idea is to fool the audience into thinking that have discovered something new to themselves and see the beauty in it and be reconnected with the wonders of Nature, only to investigate further to discover that the plants aren't real, which in turn creates a sense of loss which we should feel everyday as our natural world is depleting before our eyes.



National Biennale: WEYA 2012

Visual ArtsOliver WoodE