Emily Simpson

Emily Simpson is an artist, who since graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2014 with First in Fine Art, has floated between living and working in Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham. She has exhibited across the North and internationally, and been an artist in residence with ‘The Art House’, Wakefield, and ‘The Can’, Bucharest. Simpson’s work deals with 'vagueness', with a tension between states, between chance and control, successes and failures, past and presents, certainty and uncertainty. This stylised hesitancy becomes the work’s medium, using a language of purposeful purposelessness to mimic the desirable uncertainty of post(post)modern living.



‘With or Without’ is an animation that plays with connotations. The work focuses around three meandering circles, which loosely form a ‘Venn diagram’, as they drift around a set of interchanging phrases. The diagram’s words are lifted from Google, from the browser’s unfailing helpful ‘suggested search’ results. Unsurprisingly, the thread of language starts to float between sense and nonsense, mirroring the sporadic and asymmetric pattern of online browsing. When placed together we seek coherency, creating strange, comical and familiar associations. Language becomes both placed and displaced, as we make (or perhaps don’t make) meaning in the meaningless.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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