Emily Moya

These images explore social groups and inclusion within the most intensely hierachical of environments; high school. Canteen: The girls sitting around each table are representative of different social groups; within each clique the girls wear similar clothes and makeup to one another, and can be seen indulging in stereotypical passtimes. The' falling girl' does not appear to fit into any of these groups - her embarrassment increased by her public fall. Changing Rooms: The "Queen Bee" of the clique is being egged on to pour water onto the girl who appears 'different' Despite the varying roles of the girls, underneath they are all actually exactly the same. These images was created by photographing the same girl over and over again in different clothing and accessories and putting all the images together in Photoshop. In this sense there is a moral message to these photographs; despite the social groups so apparent in Youth culture today, we are all the same underneath.



National Biennale: WEYA 2012

Visual ArtsOliver WoodE