Eluned Glyn

The forms of the classical 20th Century ceramics inspires Eluned Glyn's work. The modernist movement has been a point of reference, using their concept of well-designed faceted forms of inspiration. The functional pieces both reflect the garish 19th Century vessels and the deconstructivst period of the 1980s.

Eluned Glyn is intrigued by the marriage of form and function, and the distortion of the domestic object which is familiar yet foreign in form. Eluned Glyn takes existing vessels from charity shops and re-constructs the forms that are then cast in slip and fired up to five times to complete the body of work.



Eluned Glyn's slip-casted earthenware ceramics is created by re-constructing existing vessels from charity shops. The pieces are deconstructed and re-built into a solid form. The piece is used as a master copy which is then moulded in pottery plaster, cast in slip and fired up to five times. The artist attempts to evoke a feeling of nostalgia in the forms, and gives old un-loved ceramics a new lease of life by contrasting the forms of 19th Century pieces with innovative contemporary design. 


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

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