Ella Breese

In an age where Greenberg’s ‘medium-specificity’ has been abandoned, Ella’s practice explores the limitations of painting within in its environment. Jackson Pollock’s ‘all-over’ paintings, which ‘seemed to be capable of repeating…beyond [their] frame to infinity’, questioned this in the Abstract Expressionism of the 1940s. Ella aims to extend this through immersive painting, that addresses the boundary between artwork and surrounding life. Combining layers of surfaces and textures found in everyday environments, she plays with what is painted reproduction and what is original, to transport the viewer into a space of illusions, disrupted orientation and suspension.



Disintegrating Interior explores the relationship between interiors and human experience, whilst pushing the physical boundaries of painting. The theme of domestic space takes influence from Isabelle Graw’s belief in the viewer to feel ‘at home’ within paintings. Viewers are therefore invited to explore and relax within the installation, stimulating new ways of contemplating artwork. The psychological connection between the human and domestic space is suggested through a sense of suspended energy, and tension between construction and disintegration. This transports viewers into a disorientating three-dimensional painting, which resonates, yet upsets, the traditional domestic space.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

Visual ArtsOliver WoodE