Elena Brake

Elena Brake is an interdisciplinary artist whose work embraces combinations of participation, performance and installation to explore our everyday world.
Using methods such as repetition and visual exaggeration, she enchants familiar objects and routines, displacing the audience's familiarity with them.  She presents these common experiences in a way that invites closer, deeper analysis and reveals that the world we are accustomed to is a plentiful source of enlightenment and fascination.
Brake’s playful, interactive re-enactments show how ordinary aspects of life can cause unexpected emotional responses in the viewer and provoke unusual connections with the artist.



Tying Knots is a participatory performance which invites the audience to step out of their normal day and stop and think about the simple action of tying a knot.  The drop-in style performance allows for a relaxed encounter with the artist where participants are encouraged to experience a state of mindfulness about the everyday moments we so often overlook.  The mundane and familiar action of tying knots as a focal point provokes some interesting and unusual conversation between the artist and participant.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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