Daniel Marcus Clark

Daniel Marcus Clark is a Writer, Storyteller, musician & Composer from Brighton, England. Daniel from a family of writers - he is the son of authors Eric Clark and Marcelle Bernstein - and from an early age gravitated towards storytelling and music. He has diplomas from both the Emerson school of Storytelling and Chichester College- where he studied Jazz. He also worked intensively with master performer Jonathan Kay as part of The Nomadic Academy.


At the heart of what I do is the story. Stories are written with the listener in mind- they may be told as much through sound and music as they are by words. To tell them I use predominately rhythmic language and these stories are then taken and scored using acoustic instruments and then are fully sound designed- creating the sounds of the worlds. My aim is to create an immersive experience for the listeners imagination that enhances and brings to life the story that is being told. Live, these are recreated by just me, using a live set up consisting of harp, guitar, a miniature drum kit, 2 loopers, a multitude of pedals and a spoken voice.


National Biennale: Derby 2010

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