Conor Rogers

Conor graduated from Sheffield Hallam University 2014 and one of his degree pieces was selected for the John Moores Painting Prize. Conor has also had work exhibited in Sheffield (Millennium Gallery) and the (Scottish queen), Manchester and New York with Paper Gallery. In 2015 he was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries which toured from Nottingham to London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. In 2016 he has recently exhibited in ‘Utopia Deferred’ as a member of a trio of John Moores Alumni touring from Hull’s (Artlink Gallery) to Liverpool’s (Corke Gallery). 88 CALORIES, (2012), 'I'VE GOT NOWT' (2016), 'YOU SHOULD THINK YOUR SEN LUCKY' (2015) THE ALCHEMIES OF THE 1960'S (2013) My photo realistic depictions of everyday life and landscape are painted in acrylic on found objects (crisp, cigarette and condom packets and beer mats). A dichotomy is produced as on the one hand the moments I depict are hyper-ordinary but at the same time the paintings themselves are extraordinary, exquisitely, meticulously painted, almost jewel like. An intertwining dialogue between image and object is created I paint the locations which convey the intense reality of everyday life. I like to think people see the work as argumentative, where they have to question what it is they are seeing. The moment people experience the work they tend to become sort of worried by the fragility of them which is funny as you take something which is a throwaway item and transform it into an object of desire or precious.

National Biennale: Derby 2016

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