Chloe is a 2016 graduate from the Textiles in Practice programme at Manchester School of Art. She takes inspiration from traditional embroidery techniques to create site-specific installations with a drawn quality. The concepts of her work often reference issues that face women, such as restriction and oppression, and as such it is important to her to make use of predominantly female crafts.


The work consists of weighted fabric tubes that are used as a "drawn line", similar to the line a pen makes on paper. The series of site-specific works are based on a concept of the maternal relationship, specifically referencing attachment styles between a mother and child. This piece is based on the Anxious/Avoidant attachment style.
The absence of colour is important, as is the scale of the work. It aims to engage the audience, but in a way that it not particularly embracing. This references the relationship often seen with this particular type of attachment.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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