Charlotte Cullen

Charlotte Cullen’s practice is often fragile, precarious and emotionally involved. Using cheap, foraged materials their work exists on the edge of the precipice, in the cracks before the shattering. Based in Huddersfield they are currently undertaking a Doctoral Studentship with the Centre for Sculptural Thinking at the University of Huddersfield and are founding director and curator of artist led project space U N N A  W A Y. Upcoming projects include Curators Choice (Solo Exhibition), Leeds College of Art, Leeds (Nov, 2016), Year of Textiles Arts Council England Commission, Harrogate Pump Room, Harrogate (Nov 2016).


Operation Wandering Soul / Air bed, broken mirror. (2016)
Paraethesia / Fibreglass insulating foam, aluminium. (2016)
'It looks soft to the touch before I remember it is made of glass and I remind myself that desire is a construct and that I must not trust it. But I can never remember for long. Like how grace comes from treading on knives but I think if I can bare it I might one day share a soul and I won’t become sea foam, just maybe.'


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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