Charlie Penrose


All 3 works submitted use text to explore in a variety of ways the various goals, facets and intricacies of human existence. 'To The Bitter End' is a live incorporates a live countdown to the date on which I will be the oldest person in the world, using the current record-holder as a precedent. The work raises questions about the nature of human existence - quality vs. quantity of life - the transience of existence and one's being in relation to that of your peers. '127 Emotions' ranks the total spectrum of emotions a person is supposedly capable of experiencing in terms of their appeal to me based on a number of idiosyncratic factors, from most to least. The piece exists as a sort of emotional and psychological self portrait. 'This Girl' is a whimsical and ambiguous ode to love. At once glib and fundamental, forgettable or all-important, it embodies a sense of longing and an idea that maybe 'this girl', whom ever that should be, is what it is really all about.


National Biennale: WEYA 2012

Visual ArtsOliver WoodC