Calum Stewart

“Wooden Flute “ Performing on the old simple system Wooden Flute (made in 1933), Calum Stewart has found a unique voice by interpreting traditional music not before played on the Wooden Flute: Unearthing ancient melodies and forging new compositions for the instrument – pushing the boundaries of the instrument with an exciting new repertoire and advanced techniques.


An exciting musical performance of works for solo Wooden Flute… 1) Showcasing a new contemporary-traditional voice and technical developments on the simple system 8 keyed Wooden Flute. 2) Showcasing a new and exciting repertoire recently forged and collated for this instrument, through extensive collaboration, collecting and composition. Relishing in the similarities between the traditional roots of his native UK, with encounters with Nordic and European musics, Calum Stewart has found a new voice for the Wooden Flute, that speaks across land, sea, borders and language. To accompany the solo performance “Wooden Flute”- An audio recording of the same repertoire, recorded ‘in the field’ using only natural acoustics, in various acoustically rich locations. Based on the principal of using only natural acoustics available in old buildings and natural spaces, as opposed to the modern studio environment.


National Biennale: Derby 2010

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