Bricolage Dance Movement

DIY Dance Movement (BDM) is a dance company founded by Michela Mucci and Anna Buonomo which is based in Rome and in London and create shows for theaters and festivals in Italy and abroad.

Among the most prestigious National Academy of Dance, the Greek Theater, the Teatro Olimpico, Rome, the Nottingham Playhouse in Nottingham, Derby Theater Deda, Robin Howard Dance Theater, Stratford Circus in London and the Theater Tuchlaube of Aarau, Switzerland. The most recent creations have been supported by Arts Council of England, Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, University of East London, Ortsbürgergemeinde Aarau, Aargauer Kuratorium, NAB-Kulturstiftung.


"Tied up" describes the moment when you realise that you are acting in a constrained way compared to the way you would like to (physically shown by the rope wrapping around the body). You try to fight back your freedom, but all the struggle culminates in the acceptance of the fact that what you are is exactly what you want to be. This piece describes an emotional circular journey. The person that is "tied up" lives happy in her world, thinking that her situation is normality, till she meets someone that keeps her attention and suddenly realizes she cannot completely move like the others. So then comes rage, frustration, rebellion and freedom since she is able to untie herself. Now that she is free and oddly not happy, arrives to the conclusion that her previous conditions were better than the present ones. So she ties herself up again, because the way she was (trapped into her paranoiac and a little bit obsessive thoughts about her love, also physically on the stage) is exactly the way she wants to be. These are the reviews of my piece:


National Biennale: Derby 2010

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