Bill Balaskas

Bill Balaskas was born in 1983 in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he studied economics before moving to the UK in order to study art. Since 2005, he is a London-based artist, writer and academic working across different media and platforms. His works have been widely exhibited internationally, in more than 120 solo and group exhibitions.


"Parthenon Rising": The work functions as a visual "crescendo," that moves from total darkness and perplexity to total light and clarity. The original footage, edited in the video, was filmed on the only day of the year that the Acropolis is open to the public at night. Thousands of tourists and locals climb the ancient hill on this occasion and capture the relics' images through their cameras.

"Darkness": "Darkness" is a game between light and its absence. It is a game with perception that aims at questioning the limits between the opposite qualities appended on "dark" and "light." Most importantly, it is a game that celebrates the shades between the two putatively "pure" conditions: what would "darkness" mean without the possibility of light and what would "light" mean without the possibility of darkness?


National Biennale: WEYA 2012

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