Beth Shapeero

Beth Shapeero is a Glasgow based artist, Nottingham born artist working with the physical aspects painting and qualities of abstraction. After studying at Nottingham Trent University and co-founding Backlit Gallery she was awarded the ARHC Scholarship for the inaugural year of the MLitt programme at The Glasgow School of Art. This year she has exhibited in ‘Le Swimming’ for Glasgow International, at SYSON in Nottingham and has been on residencies with Dumphries house (Scotland), The Clipperton project (Brazil/Uruguay/Catalonia/Scotland/) and Forcasting (Sweden). Solo shows have been at Harrington Mill (Derbyshire) and Westgate Project Space (Wakefield).


'Peerless Pools' is a series of three sculptures formed around the shapes that swimming pools traditionally take, a kidney bean, an oval, a rectangle. Each sculpture has a surface filled with a large quantity of paint or varnish which has created three seductive surfaces, glossy, disingenuous and tempting. The works, inspired by JG Ballard's repeated motif of the swimming pool, re-imagine the pool as an engorging and visceral space, being invitingly mysterious whilst repulsive. The work takes its name from Britain’s first lido; Peerless Pool. 


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

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