Benjamin Buckley

Benjamin Buckley is a London Based artist, whose works are inspired by the black line of traditional Chinese and Japanese woodblocks prints. Selected as one of the top ten emerging artists in the UK by the Affordable Art Fair founder and Art Critic, Will Ramsay, and voted as one of the up-and-coming artists to invest in. Benjamin has gone on to show his works in multiple group and solo shows across the UK and Europe. With commissions in the UK, US, China and Europe, he is currently working on two high-profile commissions in the US and China to be released later this year.
Benjamin's works reveals a world in constant overflow of architectural marvels, Americana, Orientalism, commercialism, gentrification and spirituality. He explores a landscape through Western imagery and the artistic heritage of Asia.  

Graduated from Camberwell College of Arts London 2010
2014 - 2017 Studio Residency, This Place, Shoreditch, London


Heavily influenced by woodblock prints from the Sino-Japanese war, this works draws on Wendy's recent battle to stay a float in Japan as the fast food chain attempts to re-enter the eastern market following its closure in the region in 2009. Centering the work, is a wooden bridge in the design of the historic, Buddhist Kintakyo Bridge in Iwakuni, connecting to the successful MOS Food Services, Japan's own fast-food chain. Wendy's Siege projects a dialogue about expanding and failing western markets in the landscapes of Asia.
The work was produced through hand drawing, watercolour painting via japanese calligraphy brushes and digital drawing to create an Original Print.
Edition of 5


National Biennale: WEYA 2012

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