Ashley Wilkie

(Born 1993, Northampton. Live and works in London) works with sculpture, drawing, installation, film and digital technology. 

Ashley Wilkie is a design graduate from Bournemouth University, who uses his cross creativity to work within a range of mediums and artistic works. Reaching into “Medias” like video manipulation, creative coding, graphics and illustration within “Mediums” such as projection, interactivity and screen based content developed across a variety of softwares.

Working with the creative field with clients like Adobe, Pinewood Studios, The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo and The Projection Studio have fuelled my eagerness to develop my knowledge and artistic expression within the creative field. As a freelance worker this has allowed exploration of more avenues of new technology and medias that drives my eagerness to learn more everyday.

Immersive Obsolescence

‘Immersive Obsolescence’ is an interactive installation designed to challenge and distort audience perception of tactility and depth through the medium of water.
The diffused water allows projected animations to cover the surface of the water blurring one's perception of the real and simulated .The presence of real electronic components adds to the tactile and deceptive nature of the installation creating a playful interactive experience for audiences.
The installation is based around Jean Baudrillard's concept of hyper reality where "real and simulated become blurred". This theoretical concept in relation to simulation has allowed for provided understanding of how audiences perception of reality can become distorted.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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