Ant Hamlyn

(Born 1993, Northampton. Live and works in London) works with sculpture, drawing, installation, film and digital technology. 

By exploring the blurring of the physical and digital worlds, his practice often encourages the viewer to engage, rethink and spend time with the work and participate in its performance and delivery. Ant has exhibited both nationally and internationally in notable exhibitions at Zabludowicz Collection, London (2017), Festival Miden, Greece (2016) Benzie Building, Manchester (2016) FACT, Liverpool (2015) neo:artprize, Bolton (2015) Ant has completed both private and public commissions for FACT and Manchester School of Art, he is currently studying MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art where he is the 2016/17 recipient of the Cecil Lewis Sculpture Scholarship.


Hamlyn's interactive, living installation explores how social media allows us to live within an alternate reality; one in which we can easily attain a heightened sense of belonging, or a fleeting state of appreciation. The inflating orb aims to emulate the acceptance and self worth we can feel after receiving ‘likes’ on our posts or pictures online.

Each time the orb is followed, receives a like, or is tagged with #theboostproject it gradually increases in size until it reaches its peak. If ignored, it begins to subtly deflate over time and fade into the background of our lives.

You can boost the orb through:

Twitter: @BoostUKYA, #theboostproject
Facebook: The Boost Project
Website and Live Feed:

Co-commissioned by FACT and Hope University through their Graduate Production Residency. Produced with support from FACTLab.


National Biennale: Derby 2016

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