Anna Collette Hunt

I work with ceramics to create objects of contemporary fine craft that rekindle a forgotten, childlike sense of curiosity and delight. Viewers are compelled to investigate the ceramics, as they search for the hidden elements and text on the vessels, or investigate the glazed illustrations with their hands. The scenes and compositions captured upon the surfaces speak of historic grandeur and past traditions, whilst on closer inspection whisper darker sentiments delicately into your ear. Each piece has a story to tell, and tempts your imagination to assign a narrative.


 My ceramics continue to evolve as I comb through and experiment with my concept. I refer to myself as an artist as I am committed to producing critically engaged and concept charged pieces. This connection is becoming rarer within the crafts sector. Consequently my ceramics stand out and have received a very strong reception in my first year as a professional maker. My collection of large wall dishes, The Newstead Oddities was well received at the Nottingham Castle Annual Open Exhibition, where I was nominated for the grand prize and awarded the Castle Solo Exhibition Prize. This achievement encouraged me to delve deeper into the area between fine art and craft.


National Biennale: Derby 2010

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