Amy Fisher

Inspired by a variety of natural structures, mainly seedpods, my work explores the subtleties of form and the relationship between internal and external space. With particular focus on the contours and undulations of surface I am interested by the effect certain elements have on the internal void and the external surface and how they appear to change as the piece is viewed from different angles.

Using traditional coiling and pinching techniques I manipulate the clay allowing the form to develop and grow, exploring tensions and illusions as they emerge. The forms do not have a base and are not traditional vessels, they can stand on their rim and be looked into or be placed on their side to be looked through, often in more than one position directing the gaze of the viewer. Contrasting colour affects how the form and the space around it is perceived, dark internal spaces focus attention on the internal elements whilst a dark exterior frames and defines the external form and surrounding conditions. Each sculpture echoes certain aspects of the next and I enjoy exploring interactions between forms in collective groups as well as individual pieces.


National Biennale: WEYA 2012

Applied ArtsOliver WoodA1