Alison Grace and Frances Andrews

Two characters developed as solos in "Belgium" and "Who was the woman" are brought together to create a duet. As we meet on stage, we are performers from different cultural backgrounds and debate the space that we want to create together. It becomes a conversation between desires, references, thoughts, after-thoughts, characters, neurosis and nations. The result is collaboration, critique, frustration, support, destruction, thesis, anti-thesis.

The release of tension comes in spontaneous, cathartic and humorous solutions to occupy the space together. We bring out our tools to build a shared space. As performers, we embody different styles, one internal, slow, dark; the other theatrical, expressive, colourful. We use our physical (bodies, wood, saws) and conceptual tools (philosophy, Butoh, text) to find the key to what it is to be two female performers together for a time in space. We acknowledge the difficulty, the ridicule, and the necessity of doing this.


National Biennale: WEYA 2012