Alice Georgina Thickett

This particular piece- “Have I been here before?...” was recorded in the exact space it was projected and shown as part of an exhibition where all the art pieces in the show were hidden or partially hidden from the viewers, (the projector was hidden from view also).

My general practice is about trying to answer art’s unanswerable questions and investigating the notion and difficulty of making art whilst not knowing what exactly art is; My pieces often involve using the process and documentation as the art itself. My projection work speaks of these notions but in a more playful way than some of my previous work and the title is very important in connecting the concept to the physical piece. “Have I been here before?...” relates to physically recording the video in the space and projecting it back into the space- but also to the never ending cycle of investigation and failure an artist undertakes while making and exhibiting their work- sarcastically pointing out that these ideas and my own thoughts have previously been investigated.

My essay on these themes has been published as part of Nictoglobe’s ‘Research’ online publication, and can be found here.


National Biennale: WEYA 2012

Oliver WoodA